America Leading the Field in Pain Relief

Drugs to combat pain come in all shapes sizes and from all different countries from around the world, today however one product which can provide effective pain relief at a reasonable price has been developed in America and can be learned about at American

CBD is one cannabinoid which is derived from the hemp plant which is, of course, better known as marijuana or cannabis. Hemp contains many cannabinoids, some which are beneficial to health and others which contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which is responsible for both the ‘high’ and the plant’s bad reputation, causing it to be banned worldwide.

The problem has been that the different types of cannabinoid could not previously be identified and separated which meant that all hemp plants could be potentially harmful to health. Today these cannabinoids can be segregated and so the use of the ‘good’ ones is now acceptable for medical use in many countries including certain States within the US.

Where it is legal to do so, hemp can be easily grown and be abundant due to its ability to grow fast and be harvested twice a year. Scientists have now also improved on the hemp plants being grown for medicinal purposes by effectively reducing the amount of THC they produce and no doubt increasing the CBD they produce instead. This means that with abundance available pain relief creams and other medical products using hemp can be produced at reasonable prices.

To many people, the ban on hemp which was introduced in the mid 20thcentury was a surprise as it has long been known that it had beneficial medical properties as well as potentially harmful ones. It has been speculated that the ban was influenced by the tobacco, oil and timber industries, all of which benefited from the ban as hemp has the potential to greatly reduce all their sales. Oil can be obtained from hemp and the first Ford car was actually designed to run on hemp oil. The hemp’s pulp can be used in the production of products currently using wood, such as toilet paper and napkins. Also of course, if smoking hemp was legal, many tobacco smokers may switch as tobacco is as harmful to health, if not more so than marijuana.

Regardless of what has happened in the past, it now appears that hemp (or marijuana) is now going to become an everyday part of many people’s but this time in a legal way and one which will be beneficial to many people’s health. As well as affording pain relief, properties of the hemp plant are now being shown to also be potentially beneficial to other sufferers, including those suffering from cancer or Alzheimer’s. It is yet, of course, to be seen if the full benefits which hemp can provide will be equally utilized in other areas, perhaps by assisting global warming by replacing the wood from trees in many paper products but if so, hemp could become the most cultivated plant on the planet.