Different Pattern Of Promise Rings

Are you looking for promise rings for couples? Promise rings come in various designs and patterns. To find a perfect ring for your partner, you have to go through the varieties and designs offered by the brand. The rings come in different design made up of their different materials. The rates of the ring differ from one another depending on the material used. 

The rings can either be offered in gold, platinum, and silver. Also, the rings can be customised as per your wish. You can either choose diamond, sapphire, or ruby to embed it in your favourite ring. There are multiple varieties of materials and gemstones offered by the company for you to choose from. 

Easy Customisation

The best part about the couple rings is, they are easily customisable. The companies come up with various unique designs as per the customer’s requirement. You can put in your name and even your photo in the promise ring. There are promise rings that also enable you to track your partner’s location via GPS. The GPS is installed in both partners bring to know the location of each other for safety purpose. You can write in promises of your favourite love quote in the couple ring. You can find more details on promise rings for couples on the site www.urcouple.com.

The promise rings are available in different patterns and size. The unique models launched recently are the wave pattern, tree pattern, wind pattern, mountain rings, stars and moon. This design is mostly famous among people who love nature. 

Similarly, there are designs made for the ones who are trekking enthusiasts. You will find a world map, plane, bag or a passport picture and design engraved on the ring. These types of rings are mostly customised and made as per the requirement of the customer. Thus, you can customise any promise ring as per the interest of your partner.