Hijab, Abaya, And Kaftan: A Lady’s Modesty Wear

Fashion is bold and daring the world sees of today. In modern society we are in today, the style dominates the world more than they ever did and they reflect a generation of openness, and not afraid to uncover. But that is not for all, because even if fashion is a great asset as today’s generation there are still a lot of women out there who never give up the veil that conforms their modesty from beyond. Yes, hijab is one of the veils where even time cannot change how it becomes the fashion of Muslim women throughout the world.

The fashion trends are very influential in the modern society of today, right? Styles give everyone the desire to make their way out, but some others remain who they are but not painful to the eye of others. Attitudes still one of the best assets and standards among people. This is why still Muslim women wear their hijab and abaya as it is stated in their standard modesty to remain as dominant outfit of respect.

Abaya is a traditional clothing of Muslim women to cover their whole being as to dignify their modesty and prominence in the society they lived in. The fashion industry for them is very critique and well-observed because of the symbol it brings to their women. Fashion is not just about the style but is the essence of your personality and beliefs to unveil your artistry but still cover your whole dignity. Hijab, abaya, and kaftan is the dress that reveals the power of modesty and conformity above all hotly clothing trends of today.

Trends in fashion around the world make both sexes portray their style following their personality and beliefs at the same time. It is stating for the women that what is their symbol of modesty will remain as long as it stands the conformity as it was.