How You Can Use Froehde Test Kit Safely?

Safety matters a lot and if you are willing to test cocaine using froehde test kit then it is essential to follow the safety measures as the solution can burn your skin while testing. You can not only test cocaine pills but also food, drinks and much more.

It is easy and good part is that it is 100% legal to use. There is no need to think twice before using it and also there is no need of assistant. You can easily use it on but make sure to use safety measures while using it.

Handling instructions you should know about

If you are new to it then you might face issues in handling so make sure the very first thing you should use is gloves. You will get special gloves with the kit itself and also you should make sure to keep your face away from the kit. Also if by mistake the solution gets on your hand then you should immediately wash it.

Always use soap to wash hands after conducting test. Do not rush while testing cocaine because it might lead you to pour the solution on your body.

How to store and shake?

Now as we know that store and shake are the two vital aspects so first you need to store the sample in the tube with the solution. After mixing it you need to shake it now shaking can be risky which is why you should use cap. Always cover the tube with cap and that will be going to help you in better shaking without dropping the solution.

You can conduct the test anywhere as the kit is so portable to carry and you can use online services in order to buy the kit and save plenty of money.