There are various mistakes that you can make and cost you your travel. Therefore, when booking the train ticket, you need to be very careful. It is essential to know that you can lose your paid ticket regardless of how simple your mistake is. Since there are no documents for verification needed during the online ticket booking period, many people forget and give details that do not match their documents. Below are some of the common mistakes that everyone should avoid when you need to book tickets online. They include;

Providing wrong details

When you are booking a train ticket online, you will require to provide rail travel information/details. Those details will help in verifying the person who booked the ticket. Some of the essential information you will be asked to give is your passport number or any other relevant information. Many people provide unmatching details and lose their tickets on the day of travel. Thus, always ensure you give the right information.

Not double-checking before confirmation

To ensure all the details you have provided are correct, one needs to double-check all the details before submitting it. Double-checking will help you to avoid attempts to cancel the ticket after submitting the details.

Booking when it’s too late

Since many people use the train to travel to various places, you may find all the available tickets taken when you try to book the ticket late. If you had planned to travel on a particular day and miss the ticket, you would have to reschedule all your plans. Therefore, you need to ensure you book at the right time. Learn more about db timetable visit on

Choosing the wrong services

Lastly, choosing the wrong services is another common mistake that one should avoid when you need to book tickets online. Ensure you have chosen the services that you can afford since many people choose the wrong services without knowing.

By avoiding chosen all the mistakes discussed above, you will be able to book tickets online successfully.