Purgatives are medicines that are destined to act upon large and small intestines for cleaning the bowel. Diacol is a famous purgative available in tablet and syrup form, which is a solid alternative to laxatives. Diacol will draw water to the stool and make it heavier and easy to get out of the body during excretion. If you are dealing with bowel movement problems or constipation or going for a colonoscopy, then Diacol can help.

The Right Way To Take Diacol And Precautions To Take

For a complete bowel movement, you would require to take several (around 20 to 30) tablets of Diacol before it happens. And it begins a day before the colonoscopy test, where you start the day with a light breakfast and ignore dairy products until after the procedure completes. In the middle of the day, you would be taking around 20 tablets in a set of 4 to 5 pills at a gap of 15 minutes each with a glass of water each time. If you want to know more about diacol shurup, you can find its details on pillintrip.

Your next round of Diacol tablets would begin in the middle of the night around 1 am of the next day when you are supposed to take about 10 to 12 tablets just the way you took them earlier. When you wake up in the morning, it is expected that the medicine will do its work correctly.

What To Eat Or Drink When On The Medication?

Although you can take light meals but try to include more liquid in the diet to fulfil the deficiency of water that your body would soon face. Also, neglect milk or dairy fluids, but you can take fruit juices, and regular water intake is also necessary. Fruits can be a good choice of food as they are both rich in fibre and water.