The Association shall be known as the “Association of Inhalation Toxicologists”.

The aim of the Association shall be to promote discussion on and provide a clearer understanding of all aspects of inhalation toxicology.
Membership shall be open to anyone with an interest in the subject and in particular those with an active interest in the practical aspects of inhalation toxicology. Membership will be on a rolling three year cycle based on continued communication with the association (verbal or written). At the end of a three year period without communication with the association, membership will automatically be withdrawn.
There normally shall be at least one meeting of Members per year, usually in autumn, to include the Annual General Meeting of the Association.

The Committee of the Association shall allocate places should it be necessary to restrict attendance at a meeting.
Officers of the Association
The officers of the Association shall be as follows
Vice Chairman
Committee Secretary
Membership Secretary
The Officers of the Association shall be elected in accordance with

Article 8.
Duties of Officers of the Association
Chairman: shall normally chair the meetings of the Association.
Vice-Chairman: shall deputise for the Chairman.
Committee Secretary: shall assist with the Committee’s affairs, including maintaining the minutes of meetings of the Committee. The Committee Secretary shall in turn be assisted by others in organising meetings of the Association.

Membership Secretary: shall maintain a current listing of the membership.
Treasurer: shall manage the financial affairs of the Association; shall provide annually at the Annual General Meeting of the Association a balance sheet of the Association’s financial affairs; shall submit annually the accounts up to 31 March for auditing.

Committee: shall be comprised of the Officers of the Association together with, when required, co-opted ordinary Members of the Association and shall organise the meetings of the Association; shall approve new Members of the Association; shall liaise with other organisations sharing a common interest; shall provide comments specifically on topics relating to inhalation toxicology as appropriate.
Election procedures

Ordinary Members shall be elected as Members of the Committee by delegates to the Annual General Meeting. Nominations for a position on the committee shall be required to be proposed and seconded by delegates attending the Annual General Meeting. Proposals with reasons for the candidate