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Announcement of the Annual Meeting for the Year 2014

The annual meeting of the Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (AIT) will take place between the 22nd and 24th of September 2014 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA. This will be first annual joint with ISAM (Internnational Society for Aerosol in Medicine)conference!.

TWe are building an exciting daily program that will highlight mutual interests of our organizations. The initial discussions will focus on the practical steps of inhaled drug development that are required to achieve First in Human studies. It is our hope that attendees will gain a more thorough knowledge of the considerations that go into the development, design, implementation, and regulation of preclinical aerosol delivery and studies that set and define doses for First in Human (FIH) and early proof of concept clinical efforts. A tour and lab practical will be offered at the nearby Huntingdon Life Sciences (HLS) inhalation toxicology facility to highlight the practice of preclinical inhalation delivery.

The program will include thought‐leading clinical perspectives on the major pulmonary diseases for which we develop inhalation therapeutics including asthma, COPD, pulmonary fibrosis, and cystic fibrosis. It is our hope that attendees will gain valuable insight into patient‐clinician‐drug/device interactions such that we may design our programs, studies, and new therapeutic options to meet patients’ needs.

The final section of the program will include updates of new and emerging technologies and special topics in aerosol drug delivery and development. Topics may include emerging design and implementation of mucus‐penetrating particles, aerosol radiolabeled imaging technology for preclinical and clinical use, updates on clinical devices, “print particle” technology, dry powder stabilization, aerosolization of vaccines, regulatory and collaborative updates on species‐specific responses to inhaled materials, and more.

There will be ample opportunity for interested students, postdoctoral fellows, and professionals to communicate their own contemporary science in poster sessions and platform presentations. A $500 award will be presented for best student submission.

Space is limited so register soon. We hope to see you in beautiful Princeton in the fall.

For further information about the meeting, registration details or to express an interest in presenting please contact the AIT at the AIT conference organiser

Past events

  • Spring 1981 – BIBRA – Inaugural meeting
  • September 1981 – Trinity College, Oxford – Problems related to Particulate Atmospheres
  • Spring 1982 – Cambridge – Fibres
  • Spring 1983 – CTL, ICI – Sensory Irritation
  • April 1983 – Univ of Bradford – Chamber design, Generation monitoring
  • Autumn 1983 – Univ of Canterbury – Legislation, QA, Data handling, Smoking effects and Welding Fume
  • Nov 1983 – Harwell – Joint meeting with BALR
  • April 1984 – Swansea University – Cage design, Inhalation chamber design
  • Sept 1984 – York – Electrostatic effects, personal protection and Waste disposal
  • Spring 1985 – Keele University – Biological aspects if Inhal Tox, Combustion Tox and cells at risk
  • Autumn 1985 – Essex University – Production&Measurement of particulate aerosols
  • April 1986 – Bath University – Respiratory rate monitoring, Measurement of Particles and Environmental parameters relevant to study design
  • Oct 1986 – Seven Hills Hotel, Cobham – Rodent respiratory tract pathology
  • Spring 1987 – Holiday Inn, Birmingham – Design of Inhalation Facilities&use of computers in Inhalation Tox
  • Spring 1988 – Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate – Hazard Assessment & Extrapolation of animal data to man
  • Autumn 1988 – Tralee Hotel, Bournemouth – Aerosol and Particulate Generation&monitoring
  • Spring 1989 – HRC Huntingdon – Respiratory Allegenicity Workshop
  • Sept 1989 – Peveril of the Peak Hotel, Dovedale – Environmentally friendly aerosols, OECD protocols and air pollutants research
  • Autumn 1990 – Holiday Inn, Birmingham – Respiratory physiology and measurement of lung function
  • Autumn 1991 – CTL, ICI, Macclesfield – Computing in Inhalation Toxicology
  • Autumn 1992 – AEA Technology, Harwell – Legislation, Registration and Regulation in Inhalation Toxicology, Junior Forum
  • Autumn 1993 – Inveresk Research International – Neurotoxicity Testing in Inhalation Toxicology and free presentations
  • Autumn 1994 – Belmont House Hotel, Leicester – Particle sizing, Calibration and Characterisation and free presentations
  • Autumn 1995 – University of York – Chamber design and workshop Sessions
  • Autumn 1996 – Hotel Bad Budendorf, Switzerland – Powder Aerosol Generation/ In Vitro Technique in Inhalation Dosing
  • Autumn 1997 – Royal Holloway College, London – Impact of Current Regulatory Guidelines/Open Presentations
  • Autumn 1998 – Old Swan Hotel, Harrogate – Toxicology of Inhaled Biotechnology Products/Nasal Toxicology/Open Forum & Competition for new Inhalation Toxicologists
  • Autumn 1999 – Swallow Hotel, Huntingdon – Ultrafine Particles / Open forum
  • Autumn 2000 – Langholm Conference Centre, Stockholm – Dosing and Dosimetry and Open Forum
  • Autumn 2001 – Carlton Highland Hotel, Edinburgh – Inhaled delivery of Biotech Products and the Use of Transgenics in Inhalation Toxicology
  • Autumn 2002 – Ulm / Biberach, Germany – Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Toxicology and Investigations using Juvenile Animal Models
  • Autumn 2003 – Down Hall Country House Hotel, Bishop's Stortford,UK – Influences on current Inhalation Study Design and Open Forum
  • Autumn 2004 – Le Centre Sheraton Hotel Montreal, Quebec, Canada – Safety Assessment and delivery of Inhaled Biotechnology Products.
  • Autumn 2005 – SAS Radisson Hotel, Basle, Switzerland – Ultrafines and Nanoparticles: Applications, Exposures and Experimental Aspects.
  • Autumn 2006 – Silver Jubilee Conference. Royal York Hotel, York, UK – Pharmaceutical Combination Products: Inhalation Delivery and Therapy.
  • Autumn 2007 – New Brunswick, New Jersey – The Future for Inhalation Drug Delivery.
  • Autumn 2008 – Dublin, Ireland – Inhalation Technology: Back to the Future.
  • Autumn 2009 – Grosvenor Hotel and Spa, Chester, UK – Lab to Lungs: First Steps in Respiratory Drug Development.
  • Autumn 2010 – Steigenberger Hotel, Bad Homburg, Germany – "What's in the air?" Hot topics in Inhalation Toxicology.
  • Autumn 2011 – Hawkwell House Hotel, Oxford, UK – The 30th Annual Meeting of the Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (AIT)
  • Autumn 2012 - Edinburgh Capital Hotel, Edinburgh, UK - De-risking Development of Inhaled Products
  • Autumn 2013 - Hannover, Germany, - Current topics in nanomaterials, Translational models for airways inflammation, In vitro techniques and Inhalation testing with complex atmospheres